• More than a simple ATS

    brings structure in your follow-up of candidates. You get an overview from which you quickly see who needs to be followed up? Via handy filters you can create lists per vacancy, per job channel or per status

    • Applications no longer come via outlook but directly in a list of new candidates
    • You immediately know for which vacancy a candidate is applying for
    • The duration of the application per candidate

    From the active candidate list you can follow the candidates in group . The data can be exported to Excel and you can download a cv-bundle from a selection.

    Sollicitatie opvolging
  • Vacature publiceren

    Unlimited number of vacancies.

    The recruitment cloud platform of allows you to post unlimited vacancies on your own and on external websites. You manage the job channels you wish to use and provides a clear analysis so that you can determine from which channel most recruitments come.

    Setting up a vacancy is done via an online application form that can also be used by managers. Each vacancy sheet provides a clear overview of the number of candidates, the current workflow and the recruitment.

    • Vacancy text via self-managed templates
    • Selection criteria per vacancy, manual entry or via template per job type
    • Manage your vacancy budgets with corresponding reports
  • Additional inflow.

    A well-managed recruitment reserve offers you the opportunity to appeal to your own database in the future and to generate additional inflows.

    • You manage the recruitment reserve labels yourself via settings
    • Assign multiple tags per candidate
    • Simple search via powerful search engine

    You can assign a recruitment reserve label to each candidate at the moment of declining off or recruiting. With this you can contact this candidate again at a later date and propose a new vacancy. You can enter multiple labels per candidate. You manage the list of labels yourself.

  • Communiceren

    Applicants deserve feedback.

    Communicate in different languages from mail templates that you manage yourself. The mails are conveniently stored in the candidate file. Ideal to communicate individually or in group so you can send feedback to each candidate.

    • Your logo at the top of the mail with own signature.
    • Communicate in the language of the candidate
    • Templates as basis and adaptable when sending.
    • You can have e-mails sent on a later date.

    At the setup of the e-recruitment package, 68 mail templates are available in different languages. You can manage these templates yourself so that they fit with your own communication. Because the mails are sent from the e-recruitment cloud platform, all e-mails can be automatically classified in the application file.

  • Measuring is knowing.

    provides detailed reports so that you can make the right decisions from correct data. Since the data is in your own database you can analyse it in a report. You can also forward a report to a manager or colleague. The reports are conveniently stored in the cloud platform. Ideal for communicating individually or in groups. groups.

    • Vacancy report:
      lead time - posting channels - lead time applications - status candidates - workload - reason for not withhold
    • ROI report:
      Overview influx - budget per vacancy - succes ratio publications - establish over time span - per devision or department
    • HR report:
      Recruitment data - vacancies processed and closed - candidates - data about publication - reasons to decline - draw up via time span - per devision or department

Create as many users as you need.

Completely free



The program is accessible via the internet. You can access from any computer and from anywhere.



The program is NOT system dependent. Whether you use the program with an apple or a windows system, it always works perfectly.



offers a separate database so that the data of candidates is never seen by third parties.

GDPR in all areas.

Advice on privacy offers through a certified DPO (Data Protection Officer) employee.

  • Candidate data your property

    The candidate data that you collect belongs to you. will never trade this data further.

  • Candidates are entitled to privacy

    As stipulated by European law, provides that the data of a candidate is protected and can not be searched by companies other than those for which he or she has applied.

  • Unlimited number of users

    You do not have to share your password with someone else. registers which user makes editions.