More efficient


"The automatic processing of job applications saves me almost an hour every day."

Joëlle Laureys


"The ideal tool to handle applications. I can monitor and communicate everything to a candidate."

Julie Belmans


"At the Willy Naessens group we need structure and overview. The online database ensures that every step is tracked."

Ludivine Van Assche

Willy Naessens

Webbased HR cloud software

offers you the possibility to automate and structure your HR department.

  • jobposting

    allows you to post jobs on your favorite jobsites. Through the ATS (applicant tracking system) you know which site scores best.

  • Mobile friendly

    75% of the candidates visits your vacancy via tablet or smartphone. helps you to define your careersite to your target group.

  • Application form

    Short forms per job type where applicants do not have to create an account have the best results. No more applications via e-mail. The data of applicants arrive directly in your database.

  • Communication

    Candidates expect personalized communication, preferably via e-mail. And certainly the message that they are or have not been retained.

  • Structured

    You retain the overview of the candidates during the entire application process. Follow-up of proposed candidates, appointments, unwanted applicants, ... at a glance.

  • Cloud software

    can be used anywhere. Once you have access to the internet, you can open the program. Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed.

  • Collaborate

    The tool can be used by everyone in your company. You effortlessly propose candidates to managers.

  • Safety

    Data from candidates are not offered to third parties and can be requested at any time.

  • Measuring is knowing

    You get exact details about lead times, costs incurred, number of candidates, source data, etc ...

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Perfect employer branding!

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of the candidates apply via tablet or smartphone!

offers you advice and the creation of a careersite. When employer branding is important you can choose for a custom careersite. For a specific setup you can go for a personal careersite that you can manage yourselve.

A careersite is always included in the recruitment software of . You can manage and adjust it yourself according to the look feel of your own website.

FREE unlimited number of users

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Since 2012 more than 284.800 candidates applied via .

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